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Sasse FM - Jordan is a reflection of the same commitment to excellence, high quality, and superior services experienced in Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Qatar.

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Nalteshk Street, Marj Alhamam, Amman, Jordan.

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Facility Management is the integration of multiple strategic business disciplines to ensure the proper functionality of real estate, building, infrastructure, equipment and fixtures necessary for the operations of any business.

In an ultra modern and complex world, businesses are increasingly occupying complex buildings and using sophisticated technology for communications and control. Facility Management is the right approach to plan, maintain and manage their facilities, be they hotels, shopping centers, residential and business towers, public areas, government facilities or other types of buildings. Whether employees or customers, people have higher expectations of their living, working, and leisure environments. Good Facility Management can deliver flexibility, adaptability, and sustainability, and can help organizations respond to cost pressures or the need for greater security. At its best, it is a real differentiator; and in the commercial sphere it can provide a competitive advantage.

The time required to complete home cleaning depends on the type of cleaning, area of the house, number of cleaning staff, and number of rooms among other factors. Approximately, it takes 60 minutes for every 93 square meter by a four-person cleaning crew.

We cover your facility needs from A to Z. Our services include: Inspection, Preventive Maintenance, Operational Repairs, Electrical Repairs, Fire Extinguisher Maintenance, Group Re-lamping, Plumbing Repairs, Sign/Neon Repairs Interior Cleaning, Exterior Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Facade Cleaning, After Construction Clean Up, Landscaping, Interior Design, Pest Control, Security Services, Reception Services, Office & House Keeping, Carpentry Repairs, Ballast Replacement, Lock and Door Repairs, Carpet/Tile Repairs & Replacement, Ceiling Repairs, Floor Maintenance, Gate/Grille Repairs, Multi Location Project Roll Outs, Painting, Wallpapering, Remodeling/Renovations, Violation Correction, Glass Replacement, Fleet Management, Key Management, Accounting, Rent Collection, Space Management, and Gypsum Board Works.

By doing business with Sasse you will be working with a reputable German Facility Management services company with over 30 years of experience, and which is dedicated to giving you the chance to concentrate on optimizing employee comfort and productivity, while your institution is running its core day to day business.

Our workers are well-trained, we use modern, high quality equipment and products. Moreover, we are quick and productive. Getting your facility cleaned or maintained won't take long!