Uptown, München
UPtown, Muenchen.jpg

Hines Houston, TX
86.000 m²
35. Floor
All FM - Services

Highlight Towers, Muenchen
Highlight Towers.jpg

76.000 m²
32. Floor
All FM - Services

Microsoft Germany, Headquarter München
Microsoft Germany,.jpg

12 buildings
56.000 m²
Further office locations in 6 cities
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Hanseatic Trade Center, Hamburg
Hanseatic Trade Center.jpg

120.000 m²
Technical FM

Hamburg Airport
Hamburg Airport.jpg
Munich Airport
Munich Airport.jpg
Munich Re-Inssurance
Munich re- Inssurance.jpg

28 building
156.000 m²
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Municipality of München
municipality of muenchen.jpg

Municipality of Munich
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Stuttgart Airport
Stuttgart Airport.jpg
Lübeck Airport
Luebeck Airport.jpg